Monthly Archives: December 2023

Optimizing Concrete Pavement Opening to Traffic

Recent research has determined that conventional wisdom of designing concrete mixes for very high early strengths to open the pavement to traffic early may not be the best approach. Typically, high early strength mixes contain additional cement in order to obtain design strength faster, but end up with a 28 day strength much higher than design. This additional cement not only increases initial cost but more importantly, may reduce long term durability. The Concrete Pavement Technology Center recently published a technical summary entitled ‘Optimizing Concrete Pavement Opening to Traffic’ which examines these considerations and suggests that a much better approach may be to redefine our opening to traffic strengths to something much lower than what we are using today. Click HERE to download your free copy.



Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards

Congratulations to our ACPA National Award winners! Two Oklahoma projects brought home the Gold from this year’s American Concrete Pavement Association Excellence in Concrete Pavements awards. The awards program encourages high-quality workmanship in every concrete pavement project and serves as a forum for sharing information about highly successful projects.


Gold Winner in the Divided Highways – Rural Category

Interstate 40 near Vian in Sequoyah County




Gold Winner in the Divided Highways – Urban Category

Gilcrease Turnpike