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FAA Posts Guidance on Discount Rate for Life Cycle Cost Analysis

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a Program Guidance Letter (PGL) on June 29th clarifying how the discount rate for cost effectiveness analysis, also known as Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA), should be determined. Cost effective analysis is appropriate to determine which pavement type is the most economical solution to repair or replace existing infrastructure.

According to the PGL, real discount rates from the latest OMB Circular A-94 should be used when performing a cost effectiveness analysis. The PGL also changes the requirement for a 20-year analysis period to allow the design engineer to choose an appropriate time period for the cost effectiveness analysis. A copy of OMB Circular A-94 for 2022 can be downloaded here.

Why Concrete Pavements?

Longest Lasting Pavement System

Concrete makes the most durable pavement system available. Concrete Roads, Highways, Bridges, and Industrial Site pavements can last more than 50 years .

Safety/Stronger Rut Resistant

Concrete is a rigid paving system. As a result it will not warp or rut from intense use or intense heat. This makes driving on concrete safer.

Naturally Sustainable

Because concrete pavements are stronger, and recover faster from disasters, these roads help deliver critical supplies to those in need without needing to wait for repairs.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Concrete increases fuel efficiency by 3-7% for semi trucks (saving 40 gals/1000 mi. driven). There are similar savings in cars and light duty trucks.

Reflects More Light

Concrete has a high level of light reflectivity, making it safer to drive on at night. During the day, heat and light are reflected reducing urban heat islands.

Produced Locally

Concrete is produced locally, with local labor, supporting local communities, which is great for the economy.

100% Recyclable

Concrete is fully recyclable, more than 140 million tons of concrete are recycled and reused every year.

Smooth & Quiet

Concrete textures are engineered to stay smooth and quiet throughout a pavement’s life. This enables a better and safer grip and touch point for vehicle tires.

Check out this cool pavements video by clicking here.

ACPA National Awards Submittals

ACPA is now accepting submittals for the National Paving Awards program for projects completed in the calendar year 2022.  Submittals must be received by the deadline date of Friday, July 7th, 2023.  Please review the complete elgibility requirements by clicking here.

About the Paving Awards Program

The ACPA Annual Awards for Excellence in Concrete Pavement are designed to honor quality concrete pavements constructed in the United States and Canada each year. The awards program encourages high-quality workmanship in every concrete pavement project and serves as a forum for sharing information about highly successful projects.

The awards program recognizes contractors, engineers, and project owners who completed outstanding projects. Winning an Award for Excellence in Concrete Pavement provides the contractors, engineers, and owners with a level of prestige that can assist them in the development of future projects.

Judges will score all eligible projects and break any ties. Based on the judging results, two projets will be selected from each category to receive an award. A gold award will be given to the top scoring project in each category and a silver award to the second highest scoring project. Award winners will be notified they’ve won an award by email and letter, prior to the awards banquet. The award level (gold or silver) will be announced for the first time at the awards banquet.


2022 Oklahoma Concrete Pavement Conference

City of Stillwater Engineer, Monty Karns, discussing the details of a recent concrete overlay of one of the Stillwater’s intersections.

The 2022 Oklahoma Concrete Pavement Conference has concluded and by all measures was a huge success with over three hundred people in attendance. Secretary of Transportation, Tim Gatz, kicked off the meeting with updates on recent federal funding authorization for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s eight year plan and the commencement of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s Access Oklahoma program.

Although stormy weather prevented her from being there in person, ACPA’s new President & CEO, Laura Kaumo-O’Neil, was introduced to the crowd by an online appearance outlining ACPA’s vision for the future.

Many thanks to our exhibitors and sponsors for helping us make this event a success.

ARDOT Announces New Work Zone Safety Campaign

The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT), together with Arkansas State Police (ASP) and Arkansas Highway Police (AHP), announced today a new work zone safety campaign aimed at cracking down on reckless and distracted driving in work zones across the state. 

The Slow Down, Phone Down campaign will deploy increased ASP and AHP patrols in work zones to watch for dangerous driving. The goal is to eliminate preventable accidents.

In 2021, there were 2,140 crashes reported in Arkansas work zones – resulting in 16 fatalities and 54 serious injuries. 

“The number of work zone accidents and injuries is rising at an alarming rate in Arkansas,” said ARDOT Director Lorie Tudor. “Even one injury in a work zone is one too many. We can all do our part to reverse this trend.” 

ASP and AHP will be issuing citations to motorists observed using their phone, following too close, or speeding through a work zone – all of which are illegal in Arkansas.   

“As crews go about their jobs improving Arkansas highways, they deserve our best attempts to make their work environment as safe as possible,” said ASP Director Colonel Bill Bryant. “State Troopers will be lending support to the Arkansas Highway Police in their effort to stop motorists who ignore the rules of the road and endanger the lives of those working to make our highways better and safer.”         

“It’s our duty to protect work zones, the men and women working within them, and the citizens driving through them,” said AHP Chief Jeff Holmes.  “We have zero tolerance for distracted and reckless driving. We hope this campaign makes it clear that we need people to slow down and put their phone down when entering a work zone.” 

The Slow Down, Phone Down campaign will take place statewide and will target all motorists – including both commercial trucks and civilian vehicles. For more information, please visit: